Review for When Vernon Didn't Miss

When Vernon Didn't Miss

(#) BJH 2008-05-05

"Then take its place as Moody."

Now THAT was unexpected. Should I assume that by taking his place Scorpion will also be attending Voldemort?

And will Harry go through the Third Task without Moody's pushing the obstacles out of his way? A clean victory for him then?

This should be very interesting.

Given that Pansy begged Draco to kill her I think she would jump at the chance to get out from under even if she does have to carry a half-blood baby in her womb, but how will Draco react? I assume we'll have to wait until after the 3rd task to find out. Although it could be amusing to have Pansy kidnapped by the Brotherhood, possibly by Scorpion, right out from under Voldie's nose... make that slits, and then agree to carring Harry and Hermione's child before Draco finds out. Then have him learn about it just before he learns the Tommy has been kicked to the curb. He throws a tantrum then sees dead!Tommy and meekly says, "never mind."