Review for As Of Yet, Untitled.

As Of Yet, Untitled.

(#) shysmile 2008-05-08

where were you! i missed your updates; i was so bored. this shows you about how little of a life i really have. i had to survive reading ACTUAL BOOKS with pages and covers. it was insane.

she was probaly reading twighlight if she wanted to run off to washington.

did you get the quote about eating paste from gilmore girls because they definitly say that in an episode?

about tokio hotel, not my favorite but their guitarist is hot.

now to the actual review of the story... yes, it was fluff, but it was cute and natural. you are forgiven because even though there wasnt alot of action i can tell there will be some coming up and because you made gerard sound amazing.

Author's response

I was...on hiatus. My brain stopped working for a few days. It was SO frustrating, all I could do was sit and stare, I didn't want to listen to music or read or write or anything. It sucked.

Well be content in knowing I have missed my writing things and you reviewing them. It's mutual.

Nah. I'm a FicWad obsessee too. It doesn't mean you don't have a life, because that would mean I don't have a life, and I refuse to accept that. Psh.

Yes, it's Twilight.

Yeah, actually, that is from Gilmore Girls. I'd forgotten. Thank GOD someone else watches that show.

I KNOW. He is and then some. I am also partial to their androgynous but leaning towards the more effiminate lead singer. I wasn't best pleased with the actual vocals at first, but I have to warm up to most music before I really love it. I despised "Mama" for a long time, until one day it was like "BING!". Now I'm all about "Mama". And every other song.

Sure, sure, I'll update with lots of action soon...But please forgive me if I don't. Cause I might not. But I'll try very VERY hard to get the writing going again.