Review for Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

(#) Cateagle 2008-05-14

Heh, I like the approach Harry took in Gringotts and in selecting a Secret Keeper; I'm sure Albus and the others appreciated his efforts.

I like Justin and Hermione and they at least have some grounds for a basic understanding. Hannah should be proud of that machination. :D

I think the little insert from Filch's PoV was a very nice touch. It shows that Harry's efforts had repurcussions beyond what he knows.

The scene in the Slytherin common room was amusing and it'd be interesting to see a raproachment between Draco and Harry and to then watch Ron go ballistic about it and not have grounds at all for complaint.

Finally, the scene with Tonks was a nice way to get him some needed advice from one of the few older folk he can really trust.

Author's response

- yep, just as soon as they couldn't remember where their headquarters was...

- I'm planning on a bit of "We're Muggle born and tired of getting crapped on" for the rest of the fic.

- Filch is always made out to be a complete ass for doing his job. I just thought a little reflection on his part couldn't go amiss...

- Since when has Ron ever needed grounds for complaining? In this story at least Harry and Draco will never be friends, but there is no reason for either to be actively attempting to kill the other.

- Tonksie is fun