Review for A Pemberley Divertissement

A Pemberley Divertissement

(#) Quycksylver 2005-10-15

Heh, I liked this. Your diction and writing style was very good--and very similar to Austen's...well...except for the fact that Austen would probably have died of shock at the idea of two men getting it on, lol. Also I'm not sure even Wickham would have the cheek to refer to Darcy as "Fitzy." ponders that Hn... I take that back... Wickham probably would. XD

Anyway... nice vignette! I'd love to see a longer story from you--with this pairing, or any other you might come up with.

Author\'s Response: pinku thanks - it made me laugh when i was writing it - i sort of did it as a challenge. hellyeah wickham would call darcy "fitzy" - he's got enough cheek for anything. if you want to read more of my stuff - well - ficwad's where i archive it, so just look under my username goes even pinker