Review for A New Chance Continued

A New Chance Continued

(#) loatroll 2008-05-21

I really like the large spaces in between the paragraphs (makes it easier to read in my opinion)

Really great stuff. I agree somewhat with some of the others when it comes to just accepting the abuse.. but he was taken by surprise I guess. He should at least heal himself using Runes (it was said Runes could do that right) and then take forms of revenge.

Anyway great stuff, really great ideas and great writing.

And as DrT said, no Hedwig? She was his only friend during some summers so she should at least be quite important.

Really looking forward to more.

Author's response

The spacing seems to be the popular opinion so I'm going to keep them.

Whooo I'm going to have to make a note in the actual story. Harry isn't really accepting the abuse. He's more resigned to his fate. Dumbledore has told him for so long that he needs the blood protection that Harry would never seriously consider jeopardizing his 'welcome' there. Besides he begged Dumbledore to let him leave the Dursleys in his last life and they kept saying no, despite the fact that they knew the Dursleys locked him up and starved him. -- pyrodaemon