Review for Suicidal Tendencies...

Suicidal Tendencies...

(#) XxMyChemicalPanicsxX 2008-05-22

wow. let me tell you i have the biggest grin on my face rite now.

FYI: my classmates think ive lost it. but thats okay. X)

i LUV this story. it has a real deep meaning and the way you describe things makes you kinda connect with ryan in a way whether youre suicidal or not.

cuz lets face it, who doesnt think theyre imperfect.

sits patiently, staring at you, waiting for you to write more stories

Author's response

Hey thanks for reviewing.
I wasn't sure about this story though.
I thought it was a bit heavy.
But ah well.
I now think it's good =]

Thanks for reviewing again.
I shall write more for you ja?