Review for The Blackest Potter

The Blackest Potter

(#) Vanir 2008-05-24

It's good to see this story continued. It's fairly original, and it paints a nice family picture of our favourite insane bitch. I like her better as an assett. Seeing Harry with the other kids will be interesting. A Ginny without her Knight in Shining Armour to save her from the diary, and i assume Hermione won't be there. After all, why would she? I also like the pairing. A serious relationship between Harry and Lavender is quite rare, i believe, and I'm fond of her. Keep at it, and if you catch that lazy muse, chains are good.


Author's response

Thanks for the review. What happened to Ginny isn't nearly as interesting as you might hope, but if all goes according to plan, you'll get your answer next chapter.