Review for The Odd Pair

The Odd Pair

(#) XxCRYSTALLINExX 2008-05-27

sorry about your hideous week, and good luck on smashing writers block! It sucks...:) Also, I need some advice-I'm writing a wiL francis fic, but where do I put it? There's NO AIDEN CATEGORY!!

Author's response

Aww thanks!
Yeah I realised, I just hope it'll soon go away.
Well, if it's wiL Francis with a MCR theme then it can surely be in this catagory but if it's purely a wiL Francis fan fic, then I don't really know tbh. I did send a request for there to be an Aiden section but they haven't replied or done anything. Maybe we should make a petition for people to request an Aiden catagory!
I wonder how many people would agree...
Anyways, thanks again, the comments have already started to encourage me :)