Review for A New Chance Continued

A New Chance Continued

(#) dogbertcarroll 2008-05-28

Hermione isn't likely to make friends with Harry
for a couple of years. She's still in the 'intellectual
snob' phase. She actually feels threatened as Harry
is showing her up in what she bases her sense of
self worth on.

Neville however is a good bet. Harry and Hannah
work together in the greenhouse where Neville
probably spends a decent amount of his spare time
and with the both of them coming from different
houses he'd feel more comfortable breaking the
house lines himself, especially as they are
working in what his strength is so he could
contribute and feel good about it.

Hannah is his friend, even if he hasn't realized
it yet. She's a Puff and Harry has no doubt put
in some hard work by her side, even during free
time apparently. She probably doesn't make a big
deal about it, but I'm sure her housemates know
that Harry doesn't like to hang out around crowds
because of people bugging him about his parents' death.
Puffs are the kind of people who would understand
and never say a word about it to people outside their
house. I expect her to encourage him to come out with
her and Susan and get some sun and fresh air occasionally.

Seamus would be a decent friend, but probably not a
close one as he now understands Harry's problem and
feels a bit of empathy, but doesn't spend enough time
around Harry because of their schedules to really
connect. He'd probably spread the word around the
dorm about why Harry is so standoffish, but it's
not going to make that big a difference to the Griffs
who spend their time in pursuits that Harry isn't
interested in this time around.

Ron... a teaspoon is being generous. It takes years before
he matures at all in the series and even then it comes
off as out of the blue behavior with no real character
development beforehand.

Luna is a given. I love Luna!

Harry wants runes and Snape will get in his way, just as
a matter of course. I expect Harry to test himself out
of Potions by taking an early Newt on it, removing Snape's
ability to interfere. Of course that would draw Snape's
attention to Harry's skill in potions in a good way. Snape
would encourage Harry to expand his skills in the subject
and probably convince him to take advanced potions during
the normal class so it wouldn't interfere with his reschedule.
Snape's teaching method is based on the idea that the brats
aren't interested in the field at all and just want to
memorize enough to graduate. I'd expect that with Harry
and him discussing advanced potions while the rest are
brewing he's going to get a lot more people interested.
Snape has little patients and will probably end up using
Harry as an unofficial TA in the class in exchange for
Harry getting lessons in spells that they aren't taught
on the side.

Hehehe. Ok that idea kinda ballooned a little, but I can
easily see Snape being in a much better mood with the
younger years being at least partially taught by someone else
and getting to do a little more research into potions which
is his passion.

Ginny... snicker Stalker. It's just too much fun not have
her as the scary stalker girl who keeps stealing his boxers.
It'd be funny!