Review for Epilogue Minus 15

Epilogue Minus 15

(#) thomaswatts 2008-06-11

A Harry/Ginny & Hermione/Ron story I can stomach, all involved being canon believable! For that I thank you.
However, I thought in the Epilogue both Albus and Rose were being sent off for their first year. If so, then Ginny would have given birth first to James. You have Hermione pregnant with child, which could only be Rose who is younger.
Keep up the great writing.

Author's response

That is true, but the canon Epilogue is 19 years after the final fight, this story is 15 years before that or 4 years after the battle. James won't be born for another three years. As for Hermione's child being Rose... Hermione won't be pregnant with her for a couple years yet. The baby she is now carrying would be somewhere between Teddy and Victorie on one end and Rose and James on the other. If it lives that is.