Review for Things Not Spoken

Things Not Spoken

(#) AylahMS 2008-06-14

I really liked this. This is the best approach to this particular gap in the movie that I've read so far. It doesn't go into huge details about torture, but it does convey the sense that Tseng and Elena went through a lot, and more was in store for them if they didn't act quickly.

Kudos for a sense of urgency and never letting us forget why these two are part of that awesome elite group known as the Turks.

Two things, tho' (and I'm being picky, so don't feel bad about it):

1) I'm not quite happy with how Tseng reacts to Vincent. Well, more that thing about he being repulsed by "what he is"... or something (sorry, kinda bad at quoting things). But, hey, I'm biased: I love Vince.

2) That last thing Vince said about contacting the company and arranging for a car... unless one of them had managed to keep a their phone, I'm not quite sure how Vincent went about that. Then again, they did appear rather randomly back at Edge, so -shrugs-

Anyway, that's my two cents. Like I said, I really like this. Good job!

-- SC