Review for Watching, Waiting

Watching, Waiting

(#) GeeDeexx 2008-06-17

Okay, so I noticed you only got two reviews on this chapter, but you deserve a hell of a lot more. I just read your entire story so far and it's beautiful. Although, I was wondering, do we have a complete background drawn out for the killer? Was he just a guard before? Because, honestly, if that was all he was, I think you could twist it into someone more effective in the band's past.
Still beautiful though.

never stop writing.


Author's response

Wow! Thanks! :D
There is a little more to the guard's past, some of which is in chapter 11 (posted last night).
I'm getting some great reviews and it's really spurring me on try to make it good for everyone - I hope I don't let you down! :)