Review for Watching, Waiting

Watching, Waiting

(#) MCR_over 2008-06-17

I hate this man, It is not Frankie's fault that the mans brother was in debt and couldnt get the money legally. Its not Frankies fault that his brother probably did something stupid to get into debt. Its not frankies fault his brother got in with the wrong people. Its his own brothers fault for where he landed.

I dont wanna rate because I only have like 2 points and other stories that I read. But if I would I would rate it as moving. cuz I gasped

Author's response

Poor Frankie, even though it isn't, he feels it's his fault that the others are in trouble too :(

I've got half of chapter 12 written so will be posting that tonight.

Don't worry about the rating thing - that you're enjoying it enough to take the time to say so is more than enough! I hope I don't let you down!

Sas x