Review for My Simple Chemical Life

My Simple Chemical Life

(#) ThnksbutiloveBobmore 2008-06-18


Bob is so Lovely. :)

Glad to see theres a story when Bob's not the bully.

Update soon please.


Author's response

Hi Eloise,

Yay they're staying!!

Yes he is wait to you see just how lovely he is.

You must be reading the same fanfics as me. If you want a couple of nice Bob fanfics check my others out.

To Save A Life - Bob is ends up being taken hostage as part of a bank robbery gone bad when the perp gets ready to let him go they realize who they have and keeps him not for ransom but to give thier sister part of her dying wish to meet MCR.

The Life You Created - is a continuation where Bob has a hard time dealing with the death of a loved one. Through various circumtances he creates a life for himself and his daughter where MCR never existed. Through a mutual friend she ends up with Gerard's son and learns her life was a lie.

I got sick of seeing Bob in a bad light so I wrote these. You don't have to read them I just thought if you wanted somehting different they were out there.


BTW next chapter is up I bet you really like it!!