Review for I'm Not Okay, or Something Equally Uncreative

I'm Not Okay, or Something Equally Uncreative

(#) Sassy 2008-06-24

I'm in two minds on this topic. I generally don't mind too much about subject matter, provided it's well written and has clearly been given some thought and attention.
Not everyone will be a brilliant writer but they may have good ideas, and, for me, that counts for a lot too.
Equally, I know Frerard etc is never going to happen - total fiction, but then, what here isn't total fiction? But it doesn't make it bad fiction (eg I refer to 'Not a Sound...Unless It's For Me' or anything by Smooshy - all very well written)

I've rated this as original, because it's certainly that and it is very funny too. You understand structure and the importance of scene creation, so I'd be really interested to read something from you a little more serious. :)