Review for It Was Just for the Experience

It Was Just for the Experience

(#) XxIceCreamHeadachexX 2008-06-29

"Dude, it's in the morning. You don't eat at one in the morning. Stupid." Ryan snapped.

I don't know why I thought this was so funny, but I did. I could picture Ryan saying that to Brendon.

Although, there were other parts in this that were humerous as well.

Such as:

"intended as a flirtatiously devilishly handsome smile, but in reality looked something akin to a goofy donkey with glasses trying to swallow an apple whole."


Once again, your characters personalities are FANTASTIC.

Brendon, who is goofy/wacky and a little flirtatious.

Ryan, who is opposed to the idea of having three other girls accompany them on their tour and a bit bitter about it. I'd love to find out why.

Spencer, with his creepy (yet, funny) mumbles in his sleep.

And finally, Jon. Who is just a fun guy. (I apologize for the lack of description on him. I don't know how describe him, but I CAN tell you that I ADORE his character.)

GREAT second chapter.

Off to read more!

Author's response

aw THANK YOU FOR ALL THESE AMAZING REVIEWS! honestly you're one of the best reviewers EVER and i love you!

and while i LOVE all our Panic boys so very much....alas Jwalk has stolen my heart (which is probably why i write him so much XD). i adore him too!!!

thank you so much for reading! especially as this is a rather old Fic of mine, which is slightly quirky/noobish at points because of all the inside jokes i write into it, and the general good-natured cliche ness of it. =)

I admit, its a bit of a guiltly pleasure to write cliche fluffy stories xD