Review for It Was Just for the Experience

It Was Just for the Experience

(#) XxIceCreamHeadachexX 2008-06-29

"I resent that." Mumbled Brendon.

"No, you represent that!" Liz giggled, earning a shove in the shoulders so that she fell off the couch. "HEY!"

"Now you represent the floor." Brendon grinned, earning a tackle and being knocked over by Liz, and a raised eyebrow from Jon.

ROTFL! ahahaahahahahahhaah!

You have NO IDEA how great that was. I am officially going to say that from now on (with the hopes that I won't represent the floor.) ;]

I love this story. Oh-so much.
It is HILARIOUS. And if I must say so myself, I do love comedies. And I can't write humor worth a shit.

Grace is amazing and she is like, my favorite [female] character.

Or possibly Sophie, because she is just so gosh darn adorable!

And the ending was funny as well.

You have a talent with words and you are freaking amazing.

OFF to read next chappy! ----->

Author's response

thank you thank you THANK you again and again ( i keep saying this in my responses xD hmm a trend?)

i don't know where that dialog came from...but i'm glad you like it!!i love writing comedy! but it sometimes comes off SO goofy and noobish...its something i need to control. lol. but its so much fun to just let loose with the randomest stuff!!!

I have never met a child like Sophie...and i a little bit glad of that, because i think i would die from chasing her all over the place XD. but she's a thrill to write!