Review for AUDITIONS!!


(#) Give-emHellKid 2008-07-18

Hey!!! ill audition :D


Name: Kelly
Age: 16 (but u can change if needed)
Height: 5'4 or 5 (i no small i'm the smallest one of my friends)
Frame: skinny but not too skinny if u no wot i mean lol

I've got dark brown hair but it's dyed black at the moment but it's always changing lol, it's cut just past shoulder length but it used to be long and i have a full fringe. I've got dark brown eyes, which our usually framed thick with eyeliner. My style kinda changes with my mood so some days i can b wearing dark clothes but the next they'll b bright =]. Usually wear, black skinny's, converse, skinny t-shirt and criminal damage jacket.

I used to have a very negative personality which made me lose confidence and stuff like that, but i'm alot happier now. I'm nice to everyone and never judge people at first glance. People who don't really know me say i'm polite and shy, lol but they realise they r surely mistaken when they get to no me becos i can b very loud and hyperactive, if i'm bored i tend to come out with random things. but i can be very serious wen needed to be. For some reason i get very hyper wen i'm nervous or drink too much red bull (obviously) lol. I love drawing an i'm learning to play guitar.

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