Review for Love Knows No Age - Continued...Again

Love Knows No Age - Continued...Again

(#) shelbyXsue_icide 2008-07-27

oh my goooooooooooodddddddddddd
i couldnt read because i was too excited. yess yess yesss yes ap9nw8ye tgiaw7egtsiufawgeipuug\
now i cant even type.. haha
fuck yess! i love yyyyooooooooouuuuuuuuu for making this happen. my hands are shaking. yeeaaaaayyyaaaaaa.
its about damn time they got back together, but i kinda wanted monica to scream at him and make gerard cry. no idea why, but i wanted that to happen. he deserves it.

i kept checking back like every 5 minutes for an update. haha
now i cant wait for tomorrows.
i love this story so much. i cant believe its going to be over, i never really saw it having an ending. i've been reading it for more than a year already. waaaaooooowww. okay im writing too much. haha