Review for You Remind Me Of A Former Love.

You Remind Me Of A Former Love.

(#) medicatedlives 2008-07-28


Oh my gosh. That was beautiful.

The whole time I was reading about Ryan wanting to be the Helen of the girl under the tree, my heart was close to breaking because I didn't want Ryan with anyone that wasn't Helen. I'm so glad it was.

I can honestly say that I truly loved every bit of this story. It was amazing to read once, and will be equally amazing should I choose to read it again.

This is easily one of my favorites. I love how it's so well written and realistic. Ever aspect of it just meshes together and works perfectly.

I applaud this. It's definitely something you should be very proud of.

How many times did I repeat myself? Haha.

Author's response

You, my dear, have to be one of my all time favorite reviewers. I swear to God, everytime I see that you review, I smile and squeal a little bit. ^_^

Ah yes, Ryan and Helen had to end up together. They are just too perfect for words. :]

You are so absolutely wonderful. I'm glad you've enjoyed this story and have shown it through your consistent reviews. You rock. :]

Thank you for the review. :]