Review for Harry's New Pets

Harry's New Pets

(#) BenRG 2008-07-30

It was a nice enough start with those old Rorscharch's Blot standbys innocent!Harry, sweptalong!Hermione and, of course, poo!Luna. It was a slow start but it will be interesting how you move things along. After all, Hermione, Fleur and Luna's situations have been radically altered - they are now part of the Ancient and Most Noble House of Potter. Hermione could now be considered to have more social status than the Malfoys have ever had.

I wonder, I just wonder, if Hermione is a Selkie, or at least a part-blood Selkie the way that Fleur is a part-blood Veela. It is possible that she has some magical creature blood in her distant ancestry and that is what made magic appear in a muggle family.

Speed things up a little and give us some deeper plot and you could be on to a winner.

BenRG's Rating: 6.5/10

Author's response

Thank you!

I'd not thought about the social implications, but you're right--it's possible that a Potter pet does outrank the Malfoys. Could be fun if it worked that way. ;-)

Hermione _is_ part Selkie, but not as much as Haman Harkness seemed to think. He's fairly well pants at magic, as well as being an unethical SOB. I'd say offhand that her Selkie characteristics are more manifest on account of her magic than they would be in a Muggle--I tend towards the view that most Muggleborns are descended either from Squibs, Wizarding byblows, or both--but Selkie ancestry could be part of what gives her her magic.

I'm not much for faster pace or deeper plot, but we'll see. Thanks again!