Review for not a story but this makes me mad

not a story but this makes me mad

(#) LoveAndDeath 2008-08-04

I'm just throwing this out there, is MCR the only band who gets crap from the press? All right, sure, they're really cool and they're really good and what not, but media retards just like to annoy famous people. It's not just MCR, and I don't get why people always make such a big deal because it's My Chem. There's other bands in the world. There's other bands who are just as good as MCR, maybe better who get blamed for stuff, or accused of doing stuff. Nirvana and the Cobains got a lotta shit too; can anyone say they weren't amazing, though?

I don't know, maybe it's because MCR have "the best fans", but fans of other bands don't obsess over this as much as you people do. It's like you have to PROVE to the world that MCR is the best band ever. What if they're not? Maybe it's not such a huge deal. Seriously, My Chemical Romance was great when it started out, but it's starting to become like a plague. It's spreading.

This is probably the wrong thing to say in the midst of like 10 diehard MCR fans, but I'm fucking ready to get my head bitten off.

But I'll say this: the "emo" stereotype is shit. It sucks. It makes me wanna throw a temper tantrum. People should actually listen to music before judging it.

- Robbie