Review for You Could Miss It

You Could Miss It

(#) Life_is_42 2008-08-06

I hope that if I don't acknowledge the day, then maybe it will never come. And then maybe Bren could stay with me. A girl can dream… unless she has been woken up by her boyfriend. The sunlight glistened lightly through the window,

This strongly reminded me of the scene in Romeo and Juliet, right after they were married. =D. I Hugely appreciate the shakespearian similarity!!! Wewt!

I put my face in my icy, clammy hands and continue the cries. The poor box of Kleenex next to me must feel so neglected,

Aw, no! Kleenex ~huggles it~ is amazing!! Hehe. I kind of giggled at that though, then felt kind of bad about giggling XD

I find humor in weird places. Yes I frequently get odd looks =D

Omg your writing style is beautiful! I truly enjoyed reading through the story! You know some of those stories where you skim through because there is so much illiterate description, but the plot is mildly interesting? Well this wasn’t one of them! This was original, cute, and every word captured my attention!

By the way I was just thinking how much I LOVED the ending, then I read you’re a/n and was like ‘what? Why don’t you like it! ~Gasp~’

Hehe. Anyways! Just thought I’d drop a lil review!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxox

Author's response

Thanks for the review Lifey.
And yes, I understand finding humor in odd places.
I watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail when I was wee little. And it messed with me for LIFE.

Again, thank you!