Review for You Stole My Breath

You Stole My Breath

(#) XxIceCreamHeadachexX 2008-08-09

If she's preggers, then what about the tour? Will she still go? Or will this be a reason for her to stay behind?



I wanna slap Ethan. May I?
I'm going to, anyway


There. He sucks, beause he hurt Cassia. And Cassia is awesome. And he can't hurt awesome Cassia. Because Paige [me] is gonna whoop him. :D

So, I'm assuming that this is, in fact, Jon's baby. Unless, she had some other random one-night stand in Vegas that you haven't mentioned yet. Otherwise, she has a tiny Jon in her tummy! xD

Mmmm, I love your writing. Tis' so very, very beautiful. I just can't get over how truly amazing it is. I guess that's why I say it so much. =/

I am going to rate! Even if I only have two points left, this chapter was just too awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Update soon!

Author's response

I can't give away all of my fantastic story line/twists just yet. All I'm going to say is the fate of Cassia regarding the tour will be revealed in a near-future chapter (but not the next one).

I'm very glad you slapped Ethan. I was getting quite ready to do it myself, but then I realized I created him that way, so I it would just be silly if I did. It definitely needed to come from an unbiased source. haha. Feel free to whoop him as much as you would like in the future, believe me, he's going to deserve it.

Also, you're assumptions are correct. I've mentioned all of the one night stand's Cassia's been a part of, and by all I mean ALL ONE of them. As for a tiny Jon in her tummy, that sounds endearing and slightly creepy but that's just the way I like it haha.

Enough with my lame attempts at jokes, I swear this stuff sound way funnier in my head than it does when I type it in this little box! Anyway, your rating point REALLY means a lot to me!! Thank you for your continued support...after reading your responses I definitely get more and more excited about writing this story. :D