Review for Searching for Disaster

Searching for Disaster

(#) DaphneGreengrass 2008-08-12

think Hagrid needs to be dismissed for year two and beyond.

also disagree with reviewer kaerion's assesment of blood protection.

Harry survived initial AK in Godric's Hollow because of the prophecy stating he would be marked. since Voldie in his arrogance went for an AK instead of any other spell in his arsenal marked him, rebounding the spell.

out of all of Voldemort and DE attacks... Harry could not be the only one to ever have someone sacrifice themselves to protect him/her giving them that kind of protection.

Harry's burning of Quirrelmort could have been his unknown power spoken of in the prophecy, which was later negated unknowingly by Voldie.

also the supposed blood wards on Privet would have nothing to do with Lily's sacrifice either, they are a protection ward used on homes to keep out others based on blood unless keyed in... the supposed explanation that he had to be at Privet to protect him for a whole nother year was ludicrous, unless the wards were on his person, which culd have been the effect of burning Quirrelmort also, but then unless Dumbles keyed in practicly all of wizarding world, Harry would have burned many other ppl to death throughout the story.