Review for The Big Box of Silliness

The Big Box of Silliness

(#) MononWalker 2008-08-13

Very good, Clell. A very different Draco. Indeed, this is a Draco I could (grudgingly) like. I like how Harry mocked/teased him at the end -- "Buy me dinner, first" indeed!

As to your A/N quiz, I don't/didn't know which character you paying homage to -- it could have been anyone from Steve Austin to Wolverine -- there are many characters that have bio-mechanically enhanced abilities. But since you seemed to be specifically avoiding mentioning nanites, I did a quick Google search and came up with Bloodshot from Valiant Comics. It's been a while but I remember reading a few issues of the Harbringer War and maybe an issue or two of X-O.

Thanks for this great story.

Author's response

- I avoided using the term 'nanite' because it isn't an idea that Draco would be able to wrap his Victorian mind around... On the other hand, he would understand 'machines'...

- The Comic in question is Malibu's 'Solitaire' from circa '93. An excellent story ended much too soon.