Review for I Want Out

I Want Out

(#) Chthonius 2006-08-14

I make it a habit to not read stories in progress, as so many authors will start a story and never finish. Today I find myself in a rather whimsical mood, and so when I saw what looked like an interesting story with nought but a few thousand words, I decided to go ahead and read.

I hope I should be so whimsical more often. The tapestry you have started weaving is detailed and original. I've always found Bellatrix an intriguing character who I would've liked to know more about. Her fall from grace is an refreshing twist from so many stories where she is the Dark Lord's favourite. You write well (in terms both of grammar and verbiage) and I really hope you continue with this story, for as long as you do I'll continue to read it. Well done.

Author's response

Thanks for the very thoughtful review :) I avoid WIPs too, usually, so I can understand that. Hopefully, I won't dissapoint you :) At the moment, I have no intention of abandoning this, but who knows what the future brings.