Review for Harry Potter and the Sun Source

Harry Potter and the Sun Source

(#) lycus 2008-09-11

Excellent I have never read a HP/Remo crossover before and it seems that I will greatly enjoy this especally if Harry isn't all broody. And I hope that this Harry has some Fun before he deals with voldemort. And as we can tell from Tonks reaction Harry is attractive but we didn't get a description especally since he wasn't starved and worked out everyday. Maybe Harry can pull Hermione out of her shell since her tramatic experience.

Author's response

- This Harry doesn't know from Broody. He likes his job, he's good at it, He's got that 'women interpret his perfect body as that of a sex god' thing going on. he's got a Family that he loves and loves him, a big brother who does fun things with him, in short Harry views his life as just about perfect.

- Harry's description comes next chapter, when the school girls get a good look and start to talk.