Review for The Stupid Boy and the Outsider

The Stupid Boy and the Outsider

(#) mnemosyne 2008-09-13

Just to let you know, I mentally punched Kristine in this chapter, and I kicked Joe in the balls... mentally. They both seriously pissed me off in this chapter.
They need to kiss already, or at least somebody needs to kiss Jackie. Is Kevin gonna like kiss her and Joe is walk in and be all jealous? That would be good. I know you already established that Kevin and Jackie have brother/sister feelings for each other, I just decided to rambel. This is a really long review. I think I want Kevin to get a little action because he's my favourite, but Joes also my favourite. Oh god! I can't decide which one I like better. They're both so hot. Well.... the end!

Author's response

I enjoyed reading that review. Hahahahahaha That just made my night. Thanks.

-Joy V.