Review for As Of Yet, Untitled.

As Of Yet, Untitled.

(#) shysmile 2008-11-04

have you ever seen the movie poltergeist? if not, there is a famous line in the movie that goes, "they're here". that is immediately what i think of when you post a new chapter. i know i'm strange.

so do you know how ridiculously happy it made me to see:

1) your new chapter

2) your responses to my review


3) my shoutout at the end of the chapter!

i was excited. it made my day.

soooo... i was thinking that when you write a novel and become super famous that you should put me on the dedication page because i am "like the greatest reader ever. Period." just a thought.

now i think i'm actually going to get around to reviewing the chapter.

i think frank and egan are long lost siblings. they are freakishly alike.

the title of this is a-ma-zing.

i think donna is described perfectly.

frank's crush story was hysterical.

you cannot just end the chapter like that! it isn't fair!

p.s. of course i still read.

Author's response

Yes I have seen Poltergeist! I watched it on Halloween!

I'm so glad you were happy to see

1.) My new chapter

2.) My response to your review

3.) My shout out to you!

I'm glad I made your day :D
And if I ever get published, I will dedicate the book to "like the greatest reader ever. Period." TRUE STORY.

Frank and Egan brighten my dark days when I have four quizzes and a lot of homework. I love their dynamics; I don't so much write them anymore as they write themselves. They're where I get to have my most sarcastic, snarky, obscene fun.

So you got the title then? It was Biblical, so I wasn't sure of the reponse/recognition I would get.

Thanks! I never see Donna in the news, I think I've only ever seen her once, if at all, so I had to wing it when it came to her. I was hoping I kind of got it right.

Ahaha, Frank and his little angsty teen moments. There may be more to come if need be.

I HAD to end it there! That was the perfect ending! But I'm working some more on the new chapter, so, patience is the key here, dear.

And good. I thought perhaps you had left the story and my little wayward self behind.

The End