Review for Leading a Double Life

Leading a Double Life

(#) LoveFAI 2008-11-05

This chapter was pretty cool! I loved how you said Frank hated it when people don't take the time to spell correctly on texts and stuff. I'm the same way.

Just one thing I didn't did Bert get all the way to Frankie's house in New Jersey? Utah is like, five hours away from Jersey on an airplane! Or was the party not in Utah? I'm confused...or maybe just dumb.

And Anti-Flag is the bomb.
So is Nirvana, but I hate Teen =]

I hope you write more. I see that you didn't get any reviews...but now you have one. Ficwad really sucks nowadays!

Author's response

Thank you very much for your review. :)
Okay, so i'm gonna admit it. It was a mistake. -embarrassed-

Well, i'm not american if that can count as an excuse at all? Also, i have no common sense, or much intelligence for that matter, whatsoever so i guess that's why I forgot to counteract the distance from Utah to NJ. I am incredibly sorry and apologise for this mistake. But I am trying to think up a reason for the whole Bert-getting-to-NJ-from-Utah thing. I have a few ideas at the moment but they are a little rough around the edges. Don't worry, i'm working on it.

So once again, thanks for reviewing. It really means a lot and makes a difference to my mood to write.