Review for The Untitled Story - Year 7 and Beyond

The Untitled Story - Year 7 and Beyond

(#) grey_shadow_horse 2008-11-06

Hey :) I like this idea a lot! I always love a good hp:sg1 Crossover. This fic has a lot of good ideas, but it happens way to fast for me. Everything happens so fast it is difficult to follow. It has no dept because you don't flesh out your chapters. Is this an sequel to something?? Have I missed that? Because I don't understand where this Potter manor comes from. What happend with voldy? 6 & 7 didn't happen because Albus D is still alive. Harry and hermoine are 17 right? what happend in those between years? I can't see adults following and listening too a 17 year old, no matter that he found the ships first. You made him leader in a few words. I hope that you will write a bit more.
This is not a flame!!! Please believe me when I say that I love this idea. But for my this is a draft, not a fic. It isn't finished.

I hope that with later chapters you will explain things more.
If you would explain what happend afther year5 ( mabye even as an author's note) That would help.

Author's response

Actually, I like it when I'm criticized, then I can make my writing better. It's infinitely more useful than "Nice chapter, please update."

Yes, you missed year 6, and probably year 1 as well. Those are also posted on here. Reading year 6 would likely answer a lot of the questions you have. And I'm aware of the lack of detail and the unfinished state. I'll probably go back and rewrite all of these after I finish.

Link for year 6 on is as follows, because this site is taking a day and an age to load today: