Review for Harry Potter and the Sun Source

Harry Potter and the Sun Source

(#) draghknar2003 2008-11-26

i love the take on the whole of hogwarts i like the fact that you did have albus warn snivelus ( as you can see, he is my LEAST fav character, regardless of how he is painted)and yet the arrogant prat decided that he was going to favour the stunned prince of snakehouse.
i am hoping personally that sniv and ponce get scraped up with a squeegee later on, but if they don't. o well. just make them suffer. :D

excellent writing by the way, well put together, not too much emphasis on any one part, and also put together in a unique but flowing way.
write on, write on, and i will continue to read.

Author's response

- I don't really see either Snape or Malfoy as being the type to learn from their mistakes... But I can't kill Draco just yet, I need him to be around for when he finds his mother in the sack with Harry, Harry having managed to make it to step 16...