Review for DISCOVERY: Revisited. (The Butterfly Effect)

DISCOVERY: Revisited. (The Butterfly Effect)

(#) anakhuskerfan 2008-12-16

Good sequel, although I liked the first better. This fic raised a view questions to though, like how did Luna see an adult Harry in her vision, and who will defeat Voldemort now.

Author's response

It's funny. 'Discovery' was supposed to be a one-shot. I got so many requests to continue, that I had to try.

Luna, should have been unaffected by Harry, as she never knew him until Hogwarts, but, in my opinion, Luna is one of those very rare people who see not only the future, but many possible futures. As a four year old, she saw Harry's death, and at the same time one possible future. "Mummy! I saw it again. I saw what's to come again!" She wouldn't have been able to tell which was the 'right' future, and so, told her mother of both.

As for Voldemort: The wizarding world will have to learn to cooperate in order to destroy him.
He's been badly injured by Harry's death and the loss of their connection. Far worse, is the political and monetary damage, now that his major supporters have been 'eliminated'.

Yes, Dumbledore is disgraced, and has lost most of his political influence, but he is still the most powerful wizard in Britain if not the world. He will not allow himself to die, regardless until his creation has been destroyed.