Review for 17 Days

17 Days

(#) lisa_lou 2009-01-02

Hey this is really really well written, it's amazing. I defantly would still read it if it wasn't about Gerard, or if it was about him and you hadn't told us that you were writing from personal experiance. It wouldn't matter either way, i would still be deeply impressed.
I feel for Kat in this story, and for iwillstakeyourheart in real life, they both seem awsome people. I went through some thing simerler to this with my Dad and his drinking, so although it's not quite the same situation with family as it is for a couple i really emperthise with Kat here.
By the way, reading what you and iwillstakeyourheart say to each other here is so cute, the love is inspiring. Im gonna stop rambling now, so awsome fic, can't wait to read more.
Lisa xo

Author's response

Thank you!

Honestly, I feel kinda, I dunno, sappy or something sometimes posting notes to my wife here. I mean, it's not like she's not just sitting in the other room! We talk a lot about the shit I write too. And we're both kinda reliving parts of this story.

I'm glad all the emotion and intensity is coming out in the writing and that everyone who's been leaving a review is getting something out of it. It means a lot to me.

(p.s. You should finish your story xD )