Review for 17 Days

17 Days

(#) MCArmyWife 2009-01-02

Well if you listen to Eliza's story he broke up with Kat to be with her. Okay I know Eliza's story is pretty much her "vision" of it. He's said that he and Kat just fell out of love and that it wasn't anyone's fault. However, it's not hard to figure that Eliza was always there just waiting for her chance. I remember the photo's of her being with Gerard on Halloween 2006 and then she was with him at the SNL show in Nov. Okay, now I have to ask myself why on earth any of this matter? LOL. If I figure out why, I'll get back to you. I need a hobby

Author's response

lol. Well it is like a good mystery, right? And there's the fact that Gerard isn't your "average dude" in many ways ... like in the relationship department. And of course he won't talk about that shit (can't blame him there ... and he doesn't write fanfic to get shit off his chest like I do! LMAO)