Review for The Icing On The Cake

The Icing On The Cake

(#) roxy_foxx 2009-01-18

now this was yet another masterpeace but littlemissbrownstone. well done and i loved the innocence in axl is was so adorable. having izzy blow up was interesting, go izzy!! lol duff is so hilarious gawd how i love him and slash and Steven is just the lovingest lil thang, i dont care what he does i love him! evern with what he's gonig through now i still wanna hugg the life outta him evertime i watch sober house or celeb rehab

Author's response

Aww thank you sweetie! You're as adorable as Axl =) And I agree, no matter what trouble Stevie's going through, he is always a 'Hug Me' teddy bear in our eyes.