Review for Escape


(#) whatareyouevensaying 2006-08-23

Good chapter on the whole. I enjoyed the Weasley revelation, as I tend to when it happens. I can't remember if you've committed to making this story Harry/Tonks, but I really hope you do. Given Tonks' reaction to Remus, it seems like you're leaning in the other direction, which, while I'm not a fan of, I can accept.

Looking forward to the next chapter.

Author's response

I enjoy Harry/Tonks as well, but in this story, she will be together with Remus. I will reduce the on-screen time they will have as a pairing, but they'll be major characters. Harry needs an older female's non-romantic support, and since Molly is evil, only Tonks was left.

I'm not certain as to what pairing I'll use. I'm leaning towards Harry/Susan, but nothing is certain yet. I'm also open to suggestions about this.

Thank you for all your great reviews :)