Review for Help Me Be Who I Am.

Help Me Be Who I Am.

(#) BodaggusMCR27 2006-08-23

ahahaha poor Frank and poor toilet!!!
omg i love Gerard and im jeslous of his dance. i wanna table dance with him, uns uns uns uns uns (thats my techno)
i wanna poke Rays afro!
and omg go Nevaeh! shes awesome. standing up to those hokker ladies
please consider me as Gerards Girl
from the Bodaggus one

Author's response

I know, that just tripped me out and I dont even remember how I even thought of that!

Okay, well you want it you got it. Just send me your information. And I will put you in when they are famous.
I will tell you a secret..the good parts are coming up. I like where I am taking the story, but I have so many ideas for when Nevaeh and Frank meet up again! So im probably about to just skip and do the whole 5 years later thing :)