Review for Mania's One Thing But Depression's Another

Mania's One Thing But Depression's Another

(#) GeeWayRocksMCR 2009-01-30

uh, i live in rocklin, california. It's like an hour outside of san fransisco. We're going over the weekend, and they seem to have everything there so i might be able to ask around and find some little shop with it if im lucky. I seem to have a knack for finding that stuff.(i got like 50 stink bombs for 6 bucks there. and itching power. and fake braces. don't ask why.) theres always the chance that it was homemade tho. So i'll keep a lookout and if i find it i'll tell you where.

Author's response

aww thanks :) that would be awsome
yeah i thought it might be but i was hoping it wasnt and i dont want to miss out a chance of getting it if it isnt :)
xoxo Stazzia