Review for Last Three Words

Last Three Words

(#) MyFamousLastWords 2009-02-16

Oh. Bloody Valentine would be cool. But then we would all be dead and the story would have to end. =/
But cool.

You could do like a Cabin Fever (The film) sorta thing. Haha. But then that also results in us dead.

Maybe you could do like the whole we're out in the middle of nowhere thing. I have very unoringal ideas. Or maybe like a unepected relationship between two people?
Taps nose stud, thinks
... Gasps Don't steal my Ray! Well not mine. But still. xD
You could do something just really dramatic etc. I don't know. I don't celebrate Valentines, not my thing. I went to the graveyard. I wasn't being creepy! It was my uncles 6th anniversay on Valentines. Anyway sorry for the rant/life story thing! Even though I was no help. =/

ML, Fin Ox.

Author's response

well again i'm not gonna kill anyone. how bout i just make a LONG story discribing how all the couples celebrate(sp) wink wink NAH just KIDDING hohoho...lmao