Review for Harry's New Pets

Harry's New Pets

(#) Treck 2009-02-17

Where the hell has this been hiding?

I just saw this and read all five chapters. One thing that you can fix that always irked me is Harry's physical health. he's been underfed, Had his head used as a pot holder by Petunia, fireplace poker caught with his arm... You get my drift.

If you decide to send them all to France I'd get the healers (in France) to do a complete workup on Harry and when Dumbles says he has to go to HoggyWartty release the results of the medical evaluation to the Prophet and hang Dumbles and Snape from the get go.

Damn... Is Ch 6 ready yet? I want SMORES!!!

Author's response

Thank you very much!

Hmm... I don't see how anything that happens before Harry goes to Hogwarts could directly affect Snape, but Dumbles, yes, I suppose that could be a possibility. (And I suppose that if Dumbles goes, somebody might notice that Snape hasn't been charged for his activities under Voldie.)

Mind, in this 'verse, Dumbles is more thoughtless than evil. Not that it makes a great deal of difference, sometimes.

I'm afraid Ch. 6 might be a while. I'm in grad school, and it's hard to write fic very quickly. Especially longer fics, like this one.

Thanks again!