Review for I'm Not A Hero

I'm Not A Hero

(#) Moonshyne 2009-02-26

Hi there Sas,

That was sad that Gee couldn't fight off the Dreamcatcher's control. Poor Ray never saw it coming, but it must have been harder for Frank to watch as his best friend sent another to oblivian knowing that the same fate awaited him. Frank tried so hard to help Gee gain control.

I love the little twist that Gerard is the nemesis, not surprising though. I actually felt bad for Hernandez because that fate was probably worse than death. But that's what he gets for letting out a power hungry homicidal maniac.

I really love the flow of the story and can't wait to read more.

Author's response

Awww! Don't feel sorry for Hernandez - yes, it was pretty nasty, but then, he did try to kill the guys for his own advancement.

Yes, poor Gee. All the worse for the fact that he's fully aware of what he's doing but just can't help it.

Glad you're still enjoying it! Thanks again for the review, it really means a lot!

Sas x