Review for My last breath

My last breath

(#) darks00 2006-08-25

WOW. and I mean wow. I'm impressed, how you combined a story and a song so well together. It's so sad. Please make more stories...I wish this wasn't a one-shot, I liked it. I like Evanescence, too, lol

xxDarkness' Kidxx

Author's response

Thank you, your review really made me feel... okay :-D A great way to start my day. I even impressed myself this time, since my first fic hadn't worked out very well. This one was exactly like I wanted it, though it turned out very sad.

A soon as I've got a new, and great, idea, I'll probably write it down. Though it will probably be a oneshot again, I hardly ever write 'moreshots', to call it that.

And I'm totally smitten to Evanescence, too. Next to different groups of that sort :-D. Thanks again!

Ciao! xxx Tisia