Review for The Big Box of Silliness

The Big Box of Silliness

(#) BrotherBludgeon 2009-03-19

For a background character that gets practically no love, I think this may well be Colin Creevey's biggest day in the sun.

Be that as it may, the last line sort of sums up my feelings. I don't care who else is in the story, or how badly they have it. In my mind, Harry's the underdog. I root for the underdog.

Go Harry.

Author's response

- I've long thought that Colin got the dirty end of the stick both from canon and fanon, and this was long before JKR killed him in DH.

- So it was sort of a karmic duty to get him laid by all the hot girls at Hogwarts.

- The whole meta-joke with Harry was just his realizing that he was the hero of the series, so anything that moved the focus of the story from him to someone else was a disturbance to the force...

- As is probably obvious, I write to amuse myself...