Review for Bushels of Bad Habits

Bushels of Bad Habits

(#) smilin_tj 2009-04-07

There are now words to describe this chapter. Absolutely perfect doesn't even come close. It's so bloody realistic it's not even funny. You know what?when this fic is complete, I am going to copy every single chapter, print it, bind it, and reread it probably a thousand times. I hope you're ok with that. This is definitely the BEST fic I've read here, and probably the best storyline I've read in 2years including Twilight and countless Stephen Kings. I'm deadly serious. I would totally publish this story.

PS sooooo glad you said it's not even close to finished yet. And soooo glad they didn't make out, coz that wouldn't really happen. And soooo exactly the reactions and phrases that would happen in real life like Ryans reaction. So insanely impressed right now.

PPS I'll be interested to find out how many pages this will be once I've got a copy, of course AFTER I have your permission to keep a print of the book.