Review for Untitled Character's

Untitled Character's

(#) IeroMyHeroMCR 2009-04-08

Name: Nicole

Looks: Red brown color(cut in an emo style), emerald green eyes, 5ft 1in (god i'm short but like Kelly said you can change it to whatever you want it to be), I wear skinny jeans and only skinny jeans with band tees or just punk tees, I love converse and vans(shoes)

Personality: Quiet but when you get to know me I get loud, defensive for people who I care about(if you make fun of someone i love i kick your ass), VERY sarcastic, rebellious!

Any other useful information(hobbies, fav items etc):
Fav items: my skateboard and black acoustic guitar (i love them to death)plus my ipod i won't go any where without it
Hobbies:listening to music(duh), drawing a ton, playing guitar, skateboarding

Info about your characers past(# of siblings, issues, any info): 1 brother, grew up with my brother with no parents around, sometimes has trouble with alcohol (you don't have to add that i love making stuff dramatic!), weird past that I don't like to talk about(you can add stuff too)

If you happen to get paired with my chem who would you choose: FRANK FRANK FRANK FRANK FRANK FRANK!!!! If I don't get Frank you can put me with who ever i just love Frankie to death!!!