Review for Harry Potter and the Sun Source

Harry Potter and the Sun Source

(#) keichan2 2009-04-10

Aargh again!
This chapter, too, I was not warned about!

Anyway, I really wonder how using Fleur to resurrect himself changed Tommy from the cannon (as evidenced but what you said in this chapter, there were consequences...)
(just after having written this, your answer to Cateagle's comment attracted my eyes... I was about to say that I was sad that Fleur was dead, but she may not be, maybe Harry will be able to save her, if it does not compromise the contracts. It could be profitable for him, as she may be able to allow him to train in all the 37 steps ;-p)

I hope you'll be able to update soon (and that I'll be alerted, but I'll try to check periodically...)