Review for A Fist Full of Galleons

A Fist Full of Galleons

(#) NAPPA 2009-04-11

hmmm - I have mixed feelings about this now. On the one hand , I initially thought Harry might have evades the people monitoring him by himself, and wondered how he might be able to actually hide out in muggle or magical world without assistance. I really wanted to have a go at reading about that - struggling to hide out and evade the authorities and also persue magical studies - and where and how.

But was disappointed that didn't happen.

I have to admitt, when Ron's letter was taken, I felt my skin crawl. It was simply a little overreaction on Molly's part. Sirius and others confronting Dumbles was good, but I thought Sirius was a little too nice. I thought in that situation he would try to humiliate Dumbles more than actually work to get the other letters.

It's a great start to a fic, but usually your fics start with a bit more bang, less mystery. This time it's more mystery and slightly less action. I hope that improves soon.