Review for Mikey and the Skittles Adventure

Mikey and the Skittles Adventure

(#) leeshdiddy22 2009-05-15

Hah. That was amazing. I quite literally laughed out loud, resulting in some concerned looks being thrown my way.
Good on you.

Author's response

dude! i was so conderned that i wasn't going to get any reviews! and you're the first! i'm so glad you enjoyed it to the point where you laughed out loud and had looks of concern thrown your way. that's the type of raction i want from my readers. i was dying laughing as i wrte this at around 4am central time this morning. i still haven't gone to sleep yet. please stay tuned, i'm going to be adding some more of these silly stories to my collection, as well as some very serious stories, and probably a little frerard, which i'm not really a fan of, but if you write fanfic about mcr, you gotta throw in at least ONE frerard, right? thanks SOOOOOO much for being the first to read and review. did you rate? rating is just as important.

leeshiddy22, YOU rule. for being first.

long live the MCRmy.

~mr gayestgoth.